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I Ain’t Never Been With A Baddie Lyrics

I Ain’t Never Been With A Baddie Lyrics

You may be asking, “What is I Aint Never Been With A Baddie?” The answer is that it is an own-brand freestyle by FelixThe1st. This track is the rapper’s debut and can be found on his new album Own Brand Freestyle. The lyrics for the song are incredibly enlightening. Read on to find out what makes it such a standout song.

FelixThe1st Own Brand Freestyle (Lyrics)

Genius has released the new Verified series, featuring some of the best artists from the UK, and the latest episode features FelixThe1st. The two artists discuss the lyrics of “Own Brand Freestyle”, as well as their long-time friendship. They also discuss what the song was like when it first came out, and explain the lines that fans responded to the most. Read on to discover some of their most memorable lines from “Own Brand Freestyle.”

The Own Brand Freestyle is a catchy song by FelixThe1st and Dreya Mac. It is also one of the most popular freestyle songs on the TikTok app, so it’s no surprise that it’s gaining in popularity. It is available for free download, so make sure you check out the lyrics and the video. You’ll love the hook of the song, and the lyrics will make you want to learn more about this talented duo.

i ain’t never been with a baddie lyrics

I Ain’t Never Been With A Baddie is a song by FelixThe1st. It is a freestyle that is currently trending on billboard’s top 200. The song is based on the same rap genre as ‘Baddie’. It has the same beat, and it has been one of the most popular freestyles of all time. The lyrics were written by FelixThe1st and were released on August 21, 2017.

i ain’t never been with a baddie lyrics by FelixThe1st

If you’re looking for the best rap lyrics, FelixThe1st has the best ones! You’ve probably heard of his song “Own Brand Freestyle” and are now looking for the lyrics to the same song. While this rap song has been trending on the Billboard top 200 for quite some time now, it’s still one of the most well-written lyrics out there.

The ‘Own Brand Freestyle’ features smooth choreography by Dreya Mac. With 1.4 million views on YouTube, the video for the song has gained popularity. The rap song’s lyrics have been translated into 1 language. The track has reached 7.5 million streams in less than a month, and FelixThe1st’s verse is no exception.

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