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Shield Hero Season 2 9Anime

Episode five of The Rising of the Shield Hero has been released! Watch the full episode below and get caught up! Episodes 6 and 7 will be released soon! So, keep your eyes peeled! Listed below are the most important details. And don’t forget to subscribe to the 9anime channel to keep up with the series! Listed below are the main plot points for each episode of the Rising of the Shield Hero, Do you know you can watch Free Movies and Tv shows on without log in? 

Episode 5 of The Rising of the Shield Hero

With the second season underway, the second episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero has been released, giving us a first look at what to expect. The show was one of the Spring 2022 anime slate, and has brought back previous characters as well as introduced new ones. The main plot of the show centers on a fight between Naofumi and the Spirit Tortoise, a huge monster from the mystical realm of Shield Heroes. Though they manage to defeat the Spirit Tortoise, the team must now protect the people that they love and protect.

This episode also reveals that Ost Hourai isn’t the Spirit Tortoise that the group had thought it was. The character is connected to the core of the Spirit Tortoise, so killing him right off the bat would have ended the series. Additionally, the episode reveals the identity of the main antagonist and teases how they will show up. The Rising of the Shield Hero season two episode is titled “Ostehai.”

Episode 6 of The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 12 shifts the perspective to outside Kyo’s base. Kizuna and Naofumi’s groups are happy that Kyo has fallen and have gained the title of viscount. Naofumi jokingly remarks about how he may have gotten his redemption from the Spirit Tortoise. Kizuna replies that the next Wave won’t come for another month.

The upcoming sixth episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero continues the series with new challenges and enemies. The party faces many new enemies, and more Waves of Calamity. Meanwhile, the Phoenix, the next Guardian Beast to awaken, makes its debut. The story wraps up with a reunion between Naofumi and a new ally, Mirellia Q. Melromarc.

Episode 7 of The Rising of the Shield Hero

The title of Episode Seven of The Rising of the Shield Hero hints at trouble for Naofumi’s group, and it is likely that the focus of the episode will be the transition to the Vassal Heroes’ world. The plot of this episode is somewhat vague, but the final product should be engaging. Here are some theories for Episode Seven of The Rising of the Shield Hero:

Season 2’s second episode shifted its perspective from within Kyo’s base to the outside. The groups that made up Naofumi and Kizuna’s group confirm Kyo’s death and express their joy at the return of the Mirror Weapon. Glass then asks Naofumi what he plans on doing after the battle. Kizuna responds that the next Wave won’t begin for another month.

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