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Pikachu Inu: The New Cryptocurrency on the Block

A new cryptocurrency has just been released on the market, and you’re probably wondering what it is and how you can get some. Pikachu Inu, otherwise known as PIK, has become the newest star in the crypto-universe since its release just this week. The coin hit an all-time high of $927.23 after its second day on the market. However, there’s more to this coin than just an abundance of wealth – here are five reasons why you should invest in Pikachu Inu now before the value skyrockets even higher! 

What is Pikachu Inu?

Pikachu inu is a new cryptocurrency available for purchase and sale. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, they are marketed as being more functional and accessible to any user at any skill level. Pikachu inu offers people a platform to mine cryptocurrencies with little technical knowledge or experience, easy-to-understand graphical interfaces, and mobile devices that can turn unused storage space into currency production (cloud mining). These features have led to their coin being one of the most desirable in today’s marketplace.

What Makes It Different From Other Crypto Currencies?

*What is PikA?* Much like any other cryptocurrency, PikA is a virtual currency that uses cryptography. It functions by enabling online payments between peers without using a financial institution or government to act as an intermediary. Unlike conventional currencies, no central bank controls its supply, and it has not been defined under any laws of the jurisdiction. There are only 150 million pikas in existence – the mathematical equation adds up to 2^35 so there can be no more than this many pkp coins ever created!

What Is PikachInu Coin All About?

Founder and CEO of Pikachu Inu Coin, Jeff Rollins, has a very unique story. After being laid off from his job in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s due to company layoffs, he quickly discovered that other startups were struggling with similar situations. They had brilliant ideas and huge potential but struggled to find funding. He noticed that venture capitalists in Silicon Valley only cared about investing in companies that had market research data showing there was an existing customer base for their products.

How to buy Pikachu Inu?

Currently, there is no direct way to buy Pikachu. However, in order to do so you must purchase a cryptocurrency that is accepted by PikachuInu’s trading partners and exchange them for Pikachu. Visit “CoinMarketCap Pikachu Inu”for more details. 

How to Store PikachInu Coins?

The best way to store Pikachu Inu Coins is through an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You can download Jaxx, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Mist or MetaMask and be sure that they support this token. If your exchange offers ERC-20 tokens, then you’re all set!

The Future of Pikachu Inu Coin

It seems like everyone is trying to put their money into a digital currency these days, as companies are struggling to find new methods of acquiring funds and investors need to diversify their portfolios. This new cryptocurrency is being heralded by some financial experts as a good investment opportunity, and the coin has steadily been gaining in value in the last few months. With other currencies such as Bitcoin growing more volatile, Pikachu Inu Coin may be a safe bet for those looking for stability.

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