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How often should you talk when you first start dating?

How often should you talk when you first start dating

Do you want to know how often you should talk when you first start dating? If yes, then you are in a perfect place. Out of all other questions, people often ask how and when to text him at the beginning of the relationship? It is an exciting moment because first, you receive a text from your beloved ones, but then you have to wait for hours to get the text messages. Newly dating is a kind of dilemma because the ups and downs, in the beginning, can lessen your confidence and will ruin your day.

Texting is only a form of communication; therefore, use it correctly with confidence when you first start dating. However, it doesn’t show your love towards your bestie.

How often should you talk when you first start dating

Dating is a stage of a romantic relationship where two lovers meet exclusively to show their love.

It should be noted that text your closest one twice or thrice a week in-between the dates. Because frequent messaging will make you bored of relationships, that is, we highly recommend texting people occasionally. Furthermore, texting should be done to tell him about the next possible meeting or to let them know about the location of the meetup.

However, many get confused about how often you should talk when you first start dating. The answer is simple because texting is a form of communication; therefore, avoid frequent messaging because it will lead to boredom in your relationship.

Following are the essential factors to consider before dating for the first time.

Consider your personality

Personality in dating refers to your shyness or confidence in communicating with someone else. When you first meet someone for dating, you may feel shy or find others feel shy. Therefore in this situation, you cannot expect an extended conversation rather than only staring at one another. You have to be confident enough to share your thoughts on love towards others. The frequency of talking matters with this situation; therefore, make sure that you don’t feel shy; if you did the talking will be lesser.

Furthermore, the most essential part of dating is understanding how much they want to talk to you during the first meetup if you know your beloved once. You can note their daily activities and preoccupations before finalizing the date for dating.

Moreover, if a person is talkative, take some time and text him daily but keep the messages short and up to the mark. On the other hand, if a person keeps things private, avoid messaging continuously.

External factors to consider

You should know about the activities of your beloved one if he works for long hours and doesn’t have too much time for a meetup. Try to lessen the talking during dating or texting on your mobile. Additionally, you should consider whether he has a cellphone or not; if yes, then also try to know about the availability of services.

Because a busy person cannot take out spare time for dating, if he did take out the time, he would be in a hurry if he receives a call from his boss.

Focus on Quantity, not Quality

It doesn’t matter how often you talk to your beloved on the first meeting. Meanwhile, focus on Quality by avoiding asking useless questions about what you do and what you don’t. Try to be focused on specific emotional and memorable topics. Because, if you talk about practical things, the lover will get to know about your great personality.

Also, avoid silly questions on first dating. Furthermore, contact him less, ask valuable things, it will show that you are interested in the relationship.


How often should you talk when you first start dating? It is a hot topic among youngsters who want to strengthen the relationship but don’t know about the intensity of talking with the bestie. According to Seth Meyers, a Psychologist, the once-a-week rule for new connections is perfect.

However, we have been told that it depends upon you and your loved ones’ personality and confidence. Not everyone feels confident on their first date with their beloved.

Overall, it is recommended to keep talking to a minimum for having enjoyable relationships.

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