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How to Hotwire a Car with a Chip Key

What Is the Best Way to Hotwire a Car? You’ve probably seen several methods for starting a car using some wiring on the dashboard. This method is known as hotwiring the car, although only a few of you are aware of it.

So you want to know “how to hotwire a car with a chip key?” If that’s the case, keep reading. And we guarantee that by the end of this article, you’ll be well-versed in all of the finer points of hotwiring a vehicle.

If you already have your keys, but your car won’t start. However, until we get started, there’s a disclaimer. We are not supporting any unlawful conduct with this message, and it is solely for educational purposes.

“How to Hotwire a Car?” is the topic of this article. “We’ll share all about hotwiring an automobile, including the important tools, methods, safety requirements, and also commonly asked questions. So let’s get started with the intro.

A complete Methods on How to Hotwire a Car with a Chip Key


What does it mean to “hotwire” a car?

The procedure of hotwiring a car is when the engine of a vehicle is started without the use of a car key. As previously indicated, you may have seen this in a variety of TV dramas and movies, including during an auto theft.

Hotwiring an automobile is a technique utilized by criminals and car owners who have lost their keys or are in an emergency.

However, hotwiring in current model cars is more difficult than in older vehicles from the 1990s or before. Electronic and computerized locking systems are used in today’s modern vehicles to immediately cut off various sections of the car’s system, like the power to the petrol pumps, sparkplugs, and crankshaft sensors.

That’s why, if you’re looking up “how to hotwire a car?” for any recent model vehicle, sometimes it’s possible that it won’t work.

Important note: Before you attempt to hotwire your car, you should take certain steps or be aware of the risks to your safety and the vehicle’s safety. Because there is a chance that the wiring system will fail during the hotwiring process.


How to Unlock a Car Door Without Using a Key

To hotwire a car, the first step is to open the doors without the need for a key. Unlocking it can be done in several ways. However, one thing that isn’t so common is that different vehicle models have a wide range of locking systems.

Today’s versions have a powered lock remotely controlled mechanism, but older ones require manual operation.  Moreover, it is rather a simple way to open such kind of vehicles. Here are a few ways to open a car door without a key. The following are some of them:

●    Make use of a coat hanger

Make a hook out of a hanger by bending it into the car window strip and opening the car from inside. You must now locate the locking mechanism, which will take significant time. As a result, stay calm.

Find the car’s locking mechanism with the flashlight on your phone. Just knowing where your hanger is can be beneficial to you.

●    Make Use of Your Shoelace

You must be aware that this method only works on a particular sort of locking mechanism that is unlocked by tugging upwards before utilizing it.

Take the shoelace from the end then simply tie a little loop in the middle of with your both hands. Then try to loop it around the lock and put it around the locking mechanism. Then draw the unlock string up and tighten the loop.

●    Use a Plastic Strip

This procedure is far more simple than tying a shoelace. However, the plastic strip can also be utilized to unlock the car door. However, this solution only succeeds if the locking mechanism is angled vertically rather than sideways.

So, take the long plastic strap, fold it in half, and slip it through the door’s gap. To open the door, you’ll also require a set of plastic wedges.

●    Use a Slim-Jim or a Long Rod

You can either bend a lengthy rod into a curved shape or utilize the slim-jim tool.  The best way to grip the lock rod, is just to place it between the window and the weather-stripping.

You can also use the screwdriver to lightly open the automobile door to make place for the slim-jim gadget. Slip the rod into the space and pull the button to unlock the door.

Note: If you use this technique to open your car door, be aware because it could seriously destroy the glass or paint. It may also severely bend your car’s shutting doors in exceptional situations.


In this article, we have shared the best methods on how to hotwire a car with a chip key, but we also suggested you Seek assistance from the police or security services. As well as

Calling the Department of Public Safety is the best and easiest option to unlock your automobile door without a key. They commonly use a car opening toolkit to open the door. As a result, you should contact the authorities if you don’t have any more options or don’t want to try the above methods for opening the door.

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