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How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes

How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes

When it comes to your eyelashes, the healthier, the better. Am I right? There is something about having voluminous, long lashes that transforms the look of eye makeup. And while wearing inappropriate lashes can give you certainly the drama you actually crave, they can also be tricky and tough to hang off.

So, in this case, magnetic eyelashes can be extremely beneficial and leave a magical effect to give you the best makeup look without causing any issues. But here the question arises: How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes. Well, if you the to know the answer to How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes, just keep reading;

How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes: Step-by-Step Guideline

If you’re going to use magnetic eyelashes, you’ll most likely need two strips of false lashes: one above and one below your natural lashes. How are magnetic eyelashes applied? As you can see from the picture, these two strips are held in place by a magnet. No effort is required to make the eyelashes magnetic; the lash strips themselves are magnetic. Isn’t it simple?

Magnetic eyelashes may seem to be a simple matter of putting them on, but there’s a little more to it. Our step-by-step guide on how to apply magnetic lashes will help you get started;

Step#1. Choose The Appropriate Magnetic Lashes:

It’s critical to start with the proper sort of magnetic lash before learning how to apply them. Magnetic lashes come in a variety of designs, much like other types of false lashes, to get the appearance you want. Depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to seem, you may choose from a variety of intensities. Magnetized eyelashes make it simple to experiment with several styles!

Step#2. Grab The Mascara:

You shouldn’t give up your mascara just because you’re wearing magnetic lashes. A layer of mascara can assist your natural lashes to blend in with your magnetic ones, just like it does when wearing falsies.

Editor’s note: If you’re familiar with applying fake lashes, you’re already one step ahead of the game if you know how to do it with magnetic eyelashes.

Step#3. Trim The Lashes:

When learning how to use magnetic lashes, the first step is to trim your false lashes, not your natural ones. Because the magnetic lashes aren’t going to be an identical match to your natural lashes, trimming them will be necessary. If you want to make them simpler to handle and apply, cut them into thirds or half.

Step#4. Apply The Lashes:

It’s now time to put those magnetic lashes to good use. You may use tweezers or your fingers to apply them, whatever method you like. In order to begin, first lay the top lash strip over your genuine eyelash strands, being careful to align the lashes along both sides of your lash line. Watch as the magic happens as you lay the bottom lash strip underneath your lashes.

An immediate set of false teeth is created when the magnets come into contact with each other. Removing the strips and trying again will fix any alignment issues. When it comes to repairing magnetic lash errors, there is no adhesive residue to deal with, which is fortunate since practice makes perfect.

Working with a magnetic eyeliner? Then, as we said previously, you’ll just have one lash strip. Using a fine line, begin by applying the liner to your upper eyelid. Use a pair of tweezers to line up your lash strip with your eyeliner and then apply it, making adjustments as necessary. Really easy peasy and simple!

Step#5. Coat The Bottom Lashes:

You can’t leave all the drama at the top, of course! Apply mascara to your bottom lashes to counterbalance your dramatic lash effect. Because of its lifting and lengthening properties, many people really love to use magnetic eyelashes. A plus point to its efficiency.


This article contains the essential points related to How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes. Putting on magnetic lashes will be hopefully easy peasy for you now after reading this comprehensive guide.

Just follow the above steps to know How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes and thank us later!

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