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Is Geiger as Insightful as Others Johns Comics? We Think So

Few comic book creators have the ability to mix intelligent stories and exciting action, like Geoff Johns. This acclaimed and award-winning writer has produced some of the finest comic book series on the planet and has created a new stir with his series Geiger. Does Geiger live up to the expectations that Johns has created for himself? Absolutely: it may even be his best series to date.

What is Geiger?

Post-apocalyptic worlds have long fascinated comic book writers and readers because they create an amoral reality that can produce many dilemmas. Johns throws his hat into this arena with Geiger, a book that takes place in the Unnamed Universe and centers around the Unnamed War and its devastating consequences to America and the rest of the world.

The Unnamed War was a destructive nuclear conflict with a mysterious origin and ultimately devastating result. The entire planet is basically irradiated and people live underground to avoid death. Geiger is accidentally exposed to radiation that mutates him and makes him immune to this danger.

As a result, he decides to venture above ground for the first time in his life to see what is happening topside. His explorations introduce him to many characters and survivors and show a world that, while still devastated and struggling to recover, holds promise for improvement and growth.

Johns makes Geiger a very likable character, one with a sense of hope and promise alongside struggles with confidence and anxiety. Geiger struggles, like most people, and rises above his problems to become an inspiring character. Alongside him, Johns adds other characters that further expand this universe.

How Is Johns Expanding the Unnamed Universe?

After the success of the initial issues of Geiger, Johns released a timeline discussing the major events of the Unnamed Universe. These included the dates of the war itself, along with the introduction of several characters that fans found fascinating. Key among them are The RedCoat and Junkyard Joe.

The RedCoat is an immortal American Revolutionary soldier (!) who has fought in every major war since, including the Unnamed War. Junkyard Joe is an immortal robotic soldier (!) with a constantly patriotic worldview. These potentially cheesy characters come alive thanks to Johns expert writing skills.

These characters add more depth to the Unnamed Universe by providing different perspectives and concepts that Johns expertly explores with his usual skin and elan. His ability to draw parallels between these different ideas and concepts makes him one of the best comic book writers currently operating.

Discover This Series Yourself

If you’re a major comic book fan who loves reading these fascinating stories, you owe it to yourself to check out Geiger. It has the kind of insight and intrigue that you typically get from Johns, along with powerful and high-quality art. Just as importantly, buying this book directly supports Johns and his artists because they own and control this book and get money directly with each purchase.

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