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Broad Spectrum CBN

Broad-spectrum CBN or Cannabinol, like many cannabis products, offers a wide array of benefits. Broad-spectrum products are usually THC free, but may still have trace elements. There are many different kinds of broad-spectrum CBN products available. Many products can be ingested, inhaled, and applied topically. There are also additional ways to ingest or consume this product as well.

What is CBN?

CBN, an abbreviation for Cannabinol, is cannabis that has been oxidized and decomposed, extracting the THC from the hemp plant. However, trace elements of THC may still be present. The oxidation and decomposition process involves heating THC and exposing it to oxygen to create CBN. Broad-spectrum CBN has many positive benefits despite the extraction of THC.

What are the Benefits of CBN?

Broad spectrum CBN products have been known to help with insomnia because of their relaxing effects. Although CBN isn’t officially considered a sedative, many companies promote it as a sedative based on its relaxing effects. These products can also help with pain, inflammation, and seizures. CBN has the ability to alter pain signals to ease the pain. Broad-spectrum CBN products can also have antibiotic properties as well. CBN products can also have a mild psychoactive effect as well. CBN can also increase a person’s appetite.

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