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Em Beihold Lyrics

Em Beihold Lyrics

If you’re searching for Em Beihold lyrics, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to provide you with information on Em Beihold’s debut single, “Numb Little Bug.” The songs lyrics are based on the singer’s experience with depression, and are sure to give you a new appreciation for the singer’s talent. In addition, you’ll learn when her new single will be released!

Em Beihold’s debut single “Numb Little Bug”

After teaser videos on social media like TikTok, Los Angeles-based singer Em Beihold has released her debut single, “Numb Little Bug.” The song is a self-explanatory ode to emotional numbness, which the singer compares to a numb little bug. The song first went public on 28 January 2022. The singer previously released an EP called “Infrared” and is now signed to Moon Projects, a label under Republic Records.

The song “Numb Little Bug” was originally teased on TikTok in late 2021, but after a viral video, the song exploded onto the world. It quickly cracked the top 10 on U.S. iTunes and racked up over 1 million streams on Spotify. The song’s uplifting sound belies its darker themes. The new song follows the success of “Groundhog Day” last year.

Following the viral success of her song “Numb Little Bug,” Em Beihold landed her first major tour in April. Although her career has soared, she doesn’t see herself as a star and just wants to help people with her music. As she explains, she’s been flooded with fan stories that make her cry. Although she had previously released many songs before “Numb Little Bug,” she’s happy that the song has made her more accessible to the public.

The song has over 65 million global streams. It has also been played over 213,000 times on the TikTok video app. With these numbers, Em Beihold has proven that she’s a dynamic talent and that she’s a rising star. The song is already on top of the Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 Viral Chart. This is an exemplary start for an upcoming artist.

Numb Little Bug is a catchy tune with a catchy chorus. The song’s lyrics, “I’m a numb little bug trying to survive,” resonate with many listeners. The song was originally posted on TikTok, but later released as an official release. It’s a quirky pop anthem with a strong message. It is a genuinely touching song.

Em Beihold’s personal experiences with depression

The first chapter of Em Beihold’s book begins with a chorus that describes the symptoms of depression. “I feel as if I am drowning in pills.” It’s hard to decide which is worse: the depressive thoughts or the pills. Em hasn’t talked to friends in weeks. Despite her frankness and optimism, she can’t seem to get out of bed. Em Beihold’s life is so chaotic, she cannot even keep her head above water.

This song was inspired by Em’s own experiences with depression and anxiety. After the album was released, the song went gold. It has received more than one million views on YouTube in five days. While the topic of depression and anxiety can be depressing, Em Beihold’s experiences have given her an insight into the challenges of living with these mental illnesses. For many, this is a welcome change from the depressing topic of her debut album.

“Numb Little Bug” is based on Em Beihold’s personal experiences with depression. The lyrics are based on the vocalist’s own experiences, and the chorus is based on the lyrics of a depressed Em Beihold. She addresses her listeners directly in the song, making it a powerful song to combat the stigma that society places on depression and anxiety. The song is an ode to the depressive states of many people.

Release date of “Numb Little Bug”

Em Beihold released her new single “Numb Little Bug” on January 28, 2022. This pop song has a dark, sad subject matter but a lighthearted melody. The song is the product of the young singer’s experience with depression and anxiety. She has received praise from fans for her new song. Listed below are the details on the release date. The first video clip of the song has already gone viral.

The song is the eighth distributed single from the artist, and was originally released in 2021. It was first introduced on TikTok in August 2021. In September 2021, multiple studio snippets were released along with the song. The snippets were used for an open-verse challenge on TikTok in 2022. The video has been viewed over 170 million times since its original release date.

Since then, the song has become a viral phenomenon. It topped the Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 Viral Chart. The video has also received over 65 million streams on Spotify. In fact, the song has been streamed over 213,000 times on TikTok. Those are just some of the many milestones achieved by the song in its first week. The video and song will soon become a worldwide phenomenon!

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