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The article claims that spin blogger Pat Powers reads competing blog/newsletter Dakota Conservative. But we’ve seen this before – why, you ask, does SDGOP read another competing blog/newsletter? Let’s explore this topic in detail. What do we mean by “competing”? How does the free press measure up to the competing Dakota Conservative blog? And what are its priorities? The article answers these questions and more.

SDGOP spin blogger Pat Powers reads the competing blog/newsletter, Dakota Conservative

Rep. Jon Hansen, a well-connected Dell Rapids Republican, started a competing blog/newsletter, Dakota Conservative, in response to Powers’ scathing articles. In the meantime, he’s also been reading and commenting on the competing Dakota Conservative blog/newsletter, Dakota Conservative. While reading the competing newsletter/blog, Powers has taken note of the following facts:


When it comes to promoting free speech in our community, the Dakota Free Press has some important rules for its members. While it recognizes the fear of retaliation, we don’t publish anonymous letters to the editor. Instead, we require verifiable contact information for each letter. Also, school districts don’t act on anonymous complaints. However, we still encourage our members to use the media to voice their opinions. In a free society, we should all be able to speak our minds without fear of retaliation.

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