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How To Play Dos Card Game

How To Play Dos Card Game

Are you interested in playing dos cards with your friends or family? If yes, this amazing article will be very interesting to share about the game. However, it also helps to get rid of boring routines? Our comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to understand about the Dos card game. Dos includes features of Uno while being a distinct and enjoyable card game. If you love Uno, however, Dos is an easy choice.

In our complete guide, we will share how to play dos card game. So without any ado, let’s get started;

A complete guide on how to play dos card game

What is the Dos Card Game?

Dos is a relatively new game, which only been launched in 2018. Dos was once advertised as an Uno spin-off by Mattel, who also published and invented it. Even the layout of the cards is similar.

Many gameplay features are shared between the two games. They both can always manage to stay unique and different with their resemblance. You aim to be the first to use most of your cards in both games.

Cards can be matched based on their number and color. A card’s worth can also be formed by combining multiple cards. However, in Dos, you play cards by discarding them into one of the central discard piles.

Wild cards emerge in the same way they do in Uno. Those cards perform the same function as the previous ones; they can be used to indicate any other number. Dos cards that count as twins of any color are also utilized. Ahead, we’ll go through how to play the Dos card game in more detail. Let’s have a look at everything you’ll need to play now.

What You’ll Require

A deck of cards is required to play the Dos card game. Mattel, as previously stated, is the publisher of DOS. As a result, you should have no trouble finding the cards. You may also find them easily online, such as this DOS card game set. There were no products found.

A Dos card set contains 112 cards. There are three groupings of cards that can be sorted. We’ll go over the three types of cards below to assist you in knowing the Dos rules.

●    Cards with numbers

The majority of the cards in Dos are numbered. Those same cards work in the same way that Uno cards do. For using them, you must match numbers correctly. Red, green, yellow, and blue are the four colors available for numbered cards.

●    Wild cards

Wild cards are also taken from Uno and function in a similar manner. The four colors of the wild cards are just like the four colors of the numbered cards. These cards can also be used to represent any number. Players can benefit greatly from such cards, so if you obtain one (or more), utilize them wisely.

●    Playing Cards

Dos cards function in the same way as ordinary wild cards. On the other hand, these cards can be used as two of any number and color. These cards are once again quite beneficial and will undoubtedly be helpful to any player.


Dos is a creative and entertaining card game that will succeed at your next game night! However, we have shared how to play dos card game with your friends and family. The game is super simple to play with the whole family, but there is more than enough room for further strategic play. If you like Uno, you’ll appreciate Dos as well.

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