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How to Make Wireless Earphones

If you desire the entire freedom headphones that are wireless but have just typical wired headphones, it might be possible that you don’t know How to Make Wireless Earphones. The process of converting your headphone to wireless ones needs only a few materials and tools. Plus, you can also save your money as well by not having to purchase new earphones.

Here the question arises: “How to Make Wireless Earphones”. If you also have the same query in your mind, simply read in to know all about How to Make Wireless Earphones;

How to Make Wireless Earphones | A Step-by-Step Guide

Remove the cushion from one end of your headphones and unplug them from any electrical devices they may be attached to (if your headphones have speaker cushions).


Turn off the speaker by loosening screws on the speaker panel. Inside the earphone, find the two headphone cables.


Replace your little FM radio’s motherboard by unscrewing its plastic shell and removing the motherboard.


Wire cutters may be used to remove around an inch of the sheath from the headphone wires. Make sure you just cut the sheath, not the actual wires, while doing this.


Connect the “Stereo Output” connector on the radio motherboard to the “Stereo Output” terminals on both ends of the headphone cables.


Insert the motherboard assembly into the headphones. Place the headphones back on your ears. Since they’ll be attached to the motherboard through the radio batteries, make sure the headphones have enough area for them. Replace the headphone plate, screws, and cushion by taping or gluing the assembly to the interior of the headset.


Put knobs for volume and other functions in holes drilled on one side of the headphones.


Make sure that your MP3 player’s FM transmitter is plugged in and turned on. It is possible to adjust your radio’s frequency using the frequency knob on its motherboard component. The MP3 player or another audio device will now be able to hear music from the headphones.

How to Make Wireless Earphones With the help of Led Sensor

Make sure you have your earphones on the table before cutting them. Remove the cables and you’ll just be left with the pods.

The led sensor should be ready. Using the one from a distance is OK if you can’t afford to buy your own. But for those who can’t purchase one and want to utilize the remote one, I’ll teach you how to remove it. Open it up using the remote. This is what you’ll see when you open the remote, with the led on top.

Fix the sensor and soldered wire in the ear pods ( for both ears).

The speaker may make a sound if the other end of the wire is soldered to the speaker’s two points. Make sure the pods are covered.

This is when it becomes tough. Make sure you have your earphone jack on hand. The earphone jack has already been soldered in place. A little bit above and a little bit below. Use a soldering iron to connect the two leads. To increase the strength of the binding, apply soldering lead.

Immediately after soldering, wrap it in a piece of tape to ensure that it doesn’t come free.


This article contains all the important steps regarding How to Make Wireless Earphones. Still confused? Well, you can thoroughly read this entire article again and you will surely be able to understand How to Make Wireless Earphones completely.

That’s all, folks! Connect your phone’s headphone jack and have some fun!

Good Luck, folks!

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